Cape Breton University

Solar project at Cape Breton University

Cape Breton University (CBU), with a population of 3,500 students, is not only a point of reference for the arts, sciences and professional programs but also for its pioneering engagement in sustainable development. CBU is the first North American campus to be energy self-sufficient thanks to its ability to generate solar power up to 5.4 MW. The university had also applied efficiency measures that reduced its carbon footprint and now intend to include solar power in their energy mix.


TUGLIQ Energy has designed a photovoltaic solar farm to be installed on the rooftops of the University buildings. It will be comprised of 450 panels of 340W for a total footage of 900 m2.

Notable Facts

  • 65 MWh of annual solar energy generation
  • 117 TCO2eq of green house gas emissions reduction
  • Each kWh produced by the project will means 1 kWh less coming from the coal powered Lingan Generation Station
  • The installation of this project will enable students and the Cape Breton community to widen their knowledge of energy and be a part of renewable energy growth. This will also motivate additional solar projects throughout Nova Scotia.

Project Status

Anticipated installation is Septembre 2019.


Cape Breton University

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150 kW


Nova Scotia, Canada

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