Energy Storage

In order to obtain a high penetration of renewable energy, a transient energy storage is necessary to smooth out fluctuations in energy produced by fleeting winds. The more storage capacity, the less important will be wind energy fluctuations relative to the micro-grid’s capacity. The pilot project is designed to meet this need and to demonstrate that such a system at the cutting edge of technology can be delivered to a remote location where climatic conditions are harsh and extreme.

The energy storage installed at the Raglan mine is to integrate three clean energy storage technologies achieving three goals:

  • Wave quality and stabilizing the Micro-Grid network when subjected to high wind fluctuations in a high penetration scenario
  • Reduction of the spinning reserve of the diesel generators necessary for continuous operations of the mine. This provides extra energy '' on request '’ for the time necessary to restart the main diesel generators
  • Storage of wind surpluses and its distribution on the grid during periods of wind shortages. This allows achieving a higher level of autonomy within an environment totally dependent on fossil fuel.

The installed systems include:

  • Hydrogen plant: - 200 kW of power for a period of 20 hours
  • Li-Ion battery :- Power 200kW for 74 minutes
  • Inertial flywheel :- 250 kW of power for 27 seconds