TUGLIQ Energy is an independent power producer. We engage in each individual project from the very first designs until the end of its operational contract. Our services are flexible and designed to provide clients with turnkey solutions. TUGLIQ develops both electrification of new microgrid systems as well as renewable energy solutions that can be integrated into existing networks.

On grid

ongrid - Solutions

TUGLIQ develops solutions to be integrated into existing grids, maximizing returns and benefits while ensuring full compliance.

Off grid

off grid - Solutions

Hybrid solutions are adapted to the most economic level of integration of intermittent sources of energy. While a low penetration system will directly inject renewable energy into the microgrid, a high penetration system requires installation of an energy storage system. Microgrid controllers will ensure the optimal dispatch of energy from all generating sources.

Autonomous Power Supply

autonomous - Solutions

Small scale solutions that are easily applicable even in the most secluded locations. Ideal for temporary installations, low load applications or individual households and small buildings. Batteries and controllers are included in an entirely autonomous system that is quickly deployable. 


Upstream Services

  • Conceptual Designs, Pre-feasibility and Feasibility Studies
  • Acquiring Permits
  • Power Purchase Agreements (PPA)
  • Financing and Legal Aspects
  • Surveying and Geotechnical Services
  • Financial Modeling


EPC Services

  • Project Management
  • Project Execution Plan (PEP)
  • Logistics
  • Grid Integration
  • Operating Strategy
  • Site Preparation and Foundation Work
  • Equipment Installation
  • Electrical Work and Grid Connection
  • Testing and Commissioning


Our Operation and Maintenance Services

  • Daily Operations
  • Preventive and Reactive Maintenance
  • Technical Inspections
  • Remote Monitoring
  • Performance Reports



High irradiance locations and increasingly affordable PV modules place solar energy as a highly considered low cost, rapid deployment alternative energy source.


Harnessing the power of wind to meet energy needs effectively and responsibly. High altitudes, coastlines and low air temperatures  provide favorable conditions for wind energy generation.


TUGLIQ brings together a broad range of experience in energy storage solutions ensuring seamless integration, grid resilience and ease of operation for hybrid systems.


Residue organic matter and solid waste provide valuable energy for base load supply as a stand-alone or to complement other intermittent sources.

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