High irradiance locations and increasingly affordable PV modules place solar energy as a highly considered low cost, rapid deployment alternative energy source. Photovoltaic technology offers a range of modular solutions that can be adapted to any type of structure.


Our solutions in this portfolio can be adapted to meet a range of unique energy needs from small isolated communities to high consumption industrial sites, institutional buildings and bridging connections with a regional or national grid. The sector continues to develop and offers more and more solutions to extreme weather conditions, it is now possible to consider PV modules in cyclonic or Nordic remote areas.

Our Services

Each project is unique and designed in partnership with the client.

  • Analysis of Irradiance and Energy Yield
  • Selecting Most Favorable Sites
  • Systems Sizing
  • Financial Modeling
  • Environmental Impact Assessment Analysis
  • Land Acquisition and Permits
  • Detailed Engineering
  • Installation and Usage
  • Operation & Maintenance
  • Monitoring and Remote Assistance

Rooftop Solar

roof solar - Solar

Any surface, we have a solution.

Ground Mounted Solar

solar park - Solar

We maximize each meter of available area to the project to maximize and optimize the PV production.

Floating Solar

floating solar - Solar

We said any surface.