Biomass energy,  known as bio-energy solutions, takes advantage of discarded residue to generate power while optimizing waste management. Depending on the nature of the feedstock, different solutions can be developed to generate heat, electricity or a combustible gas.

Agricultural, industrial, commercial and residential sites can all benefit from biomass energy solutions.

Our Services

Each individual project is unique and is designed in partnership with the client.

  • Feedstock identification and characterization
  • Logistics analysis
  • Technology agnostic selection 
  • Financial modeling
  • Environmental impact assessment
  • Engineering
  • Construction and installation
  • Operation and maintenance

Anaerobic Digestion

anaerobic digestion - Biomass

A biological process by which organic materials under anaerobic conditions are converted to biogas rich in methane. With its combustible properties, biogas can be utilized in heating processes. It can also undergo further refining to obtain natural renewable gas (NRG) which can be injected directly into the network.


combustion - Biomass

Dry biomass such as forest residue provides a valuable heat source for small scale heating in a home as well as large scale heating for industrial processes.


gasification - Biomass

Occurring between combustion and pyrolysis, gasification enables carbon material to be converted to syngas, a synthetic gas rich in CO. The process releases heat which can be used directly for heating. It also allows for a wide range of waste treatment including medical waste.