Harnessing the power of wind to meet energy needs effectively and responsibly. High altitudes, coastlines and low air temperatures provide favorable conditions for wind energy generation.


Our solutions portfolio can be adapted to meet a range of unique energy needs from small isolated communities to high consumption industrial sites, institutional buildings and bridging connections with a regional or national grid.

Our Services

Each project is unique and designed in partnership with the client.

  • Wind Resource Assessment and Energy Yield Forecast
  • Selecting Most Favorable Sites
  • System Sizing
  • Financial Modeling
  • Environmental Impact Assessment
  • Land Acquisition and Permits
  • Detailed Engineering
  • Installation and Usage
  • Operation & Maintenance
  • Monitoring and Remote Assistance

Large Scale

wind large scale - Wind

They get bigger every year.

Tilting Towers

wind tilting towers - Wind

Folding capabilities make these a safe option to weather the storm in cyclone zones.


wind residential - Wind

They fit in your backyard.