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Sustainable solutions

TUGLIQ offers ready-to-go alternative energy solutions for autonomous networks and microgrids such as islands, remote communities and mining operations that currently rely on fossil fuels for energy generation, transportation and heat. We adapt these solutions to logistically-challenging, secluded locations and harsh climates around the world. 

Our Solutions


High irradiance locations and increasingly affordable PV modules place solar energy as a highly considered low cost, rapid deployment alternative renewable energy source.


Harnessing the power of wind to meet energy needs effectively and responsibly. High altitudes, coastlines and low air temperatures  provide favorable conditions for wind energy generation.


TUGLIQ brings together a broad range of operational experience in energy storage solutions ensuring seamless integration, grid resilience and ease of operation for hybrid systems.


Residue organic matter and solid waste provide valuable energy for base load supply as a stand-alone or to complement other intermittent sources.

Fossil Fuel Reductions to Date

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0 M Liters
quantity of diesel replaced by TUGLIQ solutions
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0 kT CO2eq
GHG avoided by TUGLIQ solutions
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0 GWh
electricity produced by TUGLIQ solutions
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