Storage is an integral component of mini grids and virtually all hybrid solutions. From emergency back up for disaster relief to smoothing and firming the output of intermittent power generation sources, energy storage provides peak shaving, spinning reserve, ease of integration as well as other ancillary services.

Our Services

Each individual project is unique and is designed in partnership with the client.

  • Assessing, modelling and forecasting energy demand
  • Unbiased selection of the most suitable technology
  • System design and sizing
  • Grid integration studies
  • Operating and control strategies
  • Financial analysis
  • Construction, installation and commissioning
  • Operation, maintenance and remote monitoring


bess - Storage

Battery Energy Storage System (BESS) offers the highest flexibility compared to competing storage technologies and are suitable for a wide range of applications. 


inertia - Storage

With a relatively low energy storing capacities in the kWh range, flywheels have some of the fastest response times to charging and discharging the accumulated energy. It provides effective frequency regulations and renewable energy firming. It is not subject to any chemical degradation and offers a longer lifespan compared to other technologies.


hydrogen - Storage

Comprised of state of the art electrolysers and fuel cells, this system can cut off surplus renewable energy and convert it to hydrogen by way of electrolysis. The converted hydrogen can then undergo the reverse process to produce electricity in prolonged power shortages. Slower than its rivals, this system can be considered for large amounts of energy storage (MWh range).


stockage03 871097368 - Storage

Compressed Air Energy System (CAES) provides similar advantages to the Hydrogen systems. This mechanical storage technology can provide low-cost large-scale energy storage (MWh range), well suited for naturally occurring underground reservoirs. Compressed air can be used as the end energy product, alternatively to regenerating electricity.