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Anaerobic Digestion Plant – AMPLC Contrecoeur Ouest

ArcelorMittal Long Products Canada (AMLPC) is eager to decrease its environmental footprint through a low carbon emitting production facility. To determine the potential for onsite renewable energy generation, TUGLIQ has been mandated to conduct a feasibility study for biogas production through anaerobic digestion near AMLPC facilities using local organic waste and agricultural manure.


The first phase of the analysis addresses the quantification and qualification of available organic matter to feed the anaerobic digestion plant within radius of the facility. A feedstock logistics plan was developed accordingly. The second step considers different business case scenarios based on the project costs and potential revenues including from digestate valorisation. Finally a screening of environmental and social impacts was performed including GHG emissions reduction calculations.

Key Facts

  • The region is primarily agricultural
  • More than 2M m³ of biomethane could be injected into the network
  • 20% of natural gas displacement for one furnace

Project Status

The study was completed in winter 2018. Negotiations for commercial agreement are underway between TUGLIQ and AMPLC.


ArcelorMittal Long Products Canada

Study Date


System Type


Digester Type


Biogas Usage

Injection into Network

Estimated Biogas Volume

3.5M m³


Contrecœur, Canada

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