Another Clean Energy Landmark in Arctic Canada

Another Clean Energy Landmark in Arctic Canada

We are happy to announce the integration of a second 3 MW wind turbine on Raglan mine’s Network. With this new acquisition, Tugliq Energy will now operate it’s 6MW wind farm in this isolated region of the Canadian Arctic. With the exceptional wind potential of the region, the energy that will be produced by both wind turbines will help Glencore save the combustion of 4.4 Million litres of diesel each year in this fragile ecosystem. Congratulations to our team and all our partners for this exceptional achievement.

What does putting a turbine in Arctic Canada mean?

– 26 days of cargo trapped in ice
– 16 blizzards
– average temperature -15°C
– 28 flat tires

But, most importantly, ZERO accidents and the result is an addition of 2.2 million litres of diesel that will not be combusted annually. We can look at it like removing 2,600 cars off the road.

Working in the Arctic isn’t always fun: we face howling winds, repeated blizzards and freezing temperatures. However, Tugliq Energy believes in the responsibility to protect this part of the planet and show that there are solutions to decrease ‘big industries’ impact on the environment.

However, in this extreme environment, there are moments of calm, serenity and beauty, like the photo above. Maybe it’s Mother Nature’s way of saying thank you?

Photo @Justin Bulota

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