B2Gold Mali

PV Powered Street Lights and Pumps in Mali

As part the Fekola mining project in Mali and B2Gold ‘s commitment to sustainability, Tugliq Energy was awarded the mandate of designing and supplying solar street lightings and solar water pumping solutions. The systems are diesel-free and entirely powered by PV modules.


Two solar farms to power an underground water pump tapping water at a depth of 120m below the surface and a second above-ground pump delivering the water to a distribution reservoir for the village.

60 street lighting kits and innovative foldable masts to ensure that the main roads remain lit throughout the night.

Key Facts

  • The above-ground pump is powered by a 4 kW installation
  • The underground pump is powered by a 16 kW solar park
  • The total solar lamp design comprises of a 8.4 kW installation

Project status




Study date

May 2018


January 2019


28.4 kW


Fekola Mine, Mali

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