Ragged Island

Ragged Islands Microgrid Project, Bahamas

Ragged Islands is part of the Family Islands in The Bahamas archipelago, originally powered by diesel gensets. After the passage of hurricane Irma, the Bahamas Power and Light Company (BPL), with the help of the Rocky Mountain Institute developed a project to implement a micro grid with a high penetration of renewable energy on the island to increase resiliency and diversify the island’s energy sources.


Tugliq Energy and its construction partner Salt Energy were awarded the EPC mandate to design, procure, install and operate for a year a hybrid solar-battery microgrid coupled with the existing diesel plant. The nameplate capacity of the system is:

  • Solar installed capacity of 402 kWp;
  • BESS energy content of 1,336 kWh.

Key facts

  • Approximately 93% of the diesel for power generation will be replaced by clean energy;
  • Annual reductions of 210,000 liters of diesel and 587 TCO2eq greenhouse gas emissions avoided;
  • Local employment of 5 island residents and 5 additional Bahamians expected;
  • First high penetration microgrid for the Bahamian utility.

Project status

The PV arrays are fully commissioned. BESS commissioning has been stopped due to the COVID-19 and will resume upon authorization of the Bahamian government.





Solar capacity

402 kW


1,336 kWh


The Bahamas

map bahamas - Ragged Island
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