Union of the Comoros

10 MW Solar Farm for Union of Comoros

The Union of Comoros has been afflicted with power generation instability and failures for many years. Multiple studies and reports of international bodies confirm the urgency to intervene in the electricity production sector.


Feasibility studies addressing the development, construction and operation of four photovoltaic power plants with a total capacity of 10 MW in Comoros were completed in 2017. The solar parks are planned as:

  • 2 PV parks of 2.75 MW (combined total 5.5 MW) on Ngazidja
  • 2 PV parks of 2.5 and 2.0 MW (combined total 4.5 MW) on Anjouan

Site selection was carried out with the cooperation of the local communities and endorsed by the Comoros authorities. Each solar park will be comprised of photovoltaic panels, a battery storage system and a control system that will enable optimized integration of energy to the network as well as continuous monitoring capabilities.

Key Facts

  • Annual reduction of 4 million liters of diesel avoided and almost 11,000 T of CO2eq greenhouse gas emissions;
  • Annual cost savings of over $5 million (USD) for the Union of Comoros Government;
  • Creation of numerous permanent employment positions for the power center operation for a period of 20 years.

Project Status

The Government of the Union of Comoros signed a Power Purchase Agreement with TUGLIQ Energy in May 2018. TUGLIQ Energy has received a portion of financing international fund donors as well as bi-lateral partners. The completion of the financing is in progress. A referendum on July 31st, 2018 affected the project timeline, it is currently on hold until further notice.


Government of the Union of Comoros

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Financing and Construction



10 MW


Union of Comoros

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