Our solutions portfolio can be adapted to meet a range of unique energy needs from small isolated communities to high consumption industrial sites, institutional buildings and bridging connections with a regional or national grid.


High irradiance locations and increasingly affordable PV modules place solar energy as a highly considered low cost, rapid deployment alternative energy source.

Our Services

Each project is unique and designed in partnership with the client.

  • Analysis of Solar Irradiance and Energy Yield
  • Selecting Most Favorable Sites
  • System Sizing
  • Financial Modeling
  • Environmental Impact Assessment
  • Land Acquisition and Permits
  • Detailed Engineering
  • Installation and Usage
  • Operation & Maintenance
  • Monitoring and Remote Assistance

Rooftop Solar

Typical rooftop installation

Any surface, we have a solution.

Ground Mounted Solar

Large scale solar farm

We maximize each meter of available area to the project.

Floating Solar

Floating solar

We said any surface.