Wind Power

Wind turbine advantages

  • Direct integration of clean, renewable energy on grids and micro-grids
  • Ambitious Goals:
  •  - Competitive energy costs

     - Direct reduction of diesel consumption and economic savings for the client

     - Reduction of gas emissions and greenhouse gases (GHG)

  • Tailored approach depending on the peculiarities of customers
  • Use of proven technologies
  • Project ​aligned with the Quebec Government's ​key ​strategic ​thrusts:
  •  - Reduction of the greenhouse gases (GHG)

     - Development of the Plan Nord; via the provision of energy ​cleaner ​and cheaper​​ than diesel​, both for Industry and for Communities​​

  • Reduction of environmental risks compared to diesel and heavy oil currently used.

Glencore’s Raglan Mine: a wind turbine success

  • The raglan wind turbine ​uses an innovative foundation structure, elevated 1 meter above ground and mounted on piles​ 16 meter​ deep​, to minimize environmental footprint and adapt to permafrost degradation over the life of the turbine
  • The innovative foundation offers a dramatic reduction in the amount of concrete used, compared to conventional wind turbine​s (concrete is 3 times more expensive in the Arctic than in the South): 30 instead of​ 450 cubic meters
  • The total height of the wind turbine including the foundation is 122.33Xm – equivalent to a 30 story building
  • The total weight of the wind turbine including the foundation is around 1200 tons
  • The turbine is equipped with a cold winter package that includes a blade heating ​by air convection​
  • 2.2 Million liters of diesel have been saved ​in the first year of operation
  • 6400 tons of Greenhouse gases (GHG) have been reduced since turbine operation
  • No injuries have occurred during the entire project life.
  • Glencore RAGLAN Mine Renewable Electricity Smart-Grid Pilot Demonstration (Public Report)