Raglan II

Raglan II – Hybrid Wind, Diesel and Storage Energy Generation in Arctic Canada

The success of RAGLAN I laid the foundation for RAGLAN II, a repeat order for a second 3 MW wind turbine and a large scale 3 MW/1MWh storage installation.

Project commissioning was completed at the end of 2018. The second installation increase total diesel displacement at the mine site to 4.2 M litres annually, leading to major fuel and transport cost reductions for the company as well as a colossal decrease in the mine’s environmental footprint.

The increase penetration of renewable energy into the Mine’s grid imposed the installation of a large-scale battery system as well as the development of complex control algorithms to ensure operation within the mine’s constraints.

Installed Solutions

A second 3 MW wind turbine coupled with a bi-directional Li-Ion battery system of 3 MW / 1MWh. Renewable energy penetration reaches close to 40%, with storage energy and control systems playing a critical role in managing variations due to wind fluctuations as well as preventing grid failure in the event of turbine operational malfunction.


Glencore Raglan Mine

Commissioning Date



3 MW

 Li-Ion Batteries

3 MW / 1 MWh


Quebec, Canada

raglan e1532632066478 - Raglan II


6,800 TCO2eq. per year

Diesel Avoided

2.1M liters per year

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