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TUGLIQ offers turnkey energy solutions for remote, nordic locations.

TUGLIQ will diversify energy away from diesel, enabling significant cost reductions in electricity generation, process and hotel heat, vehicular fuels, environmental footprint, variability and risks.

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TUGLIQ specialises in better predictability and lower cost of energy for off-grid customers, with a portfolio approach that includes renewable sources, storage of renewable electricity, and next-generation fossil fuels, each optimized into energy supply chains that are adaptable and flexible for the long-term.

TUGLIQ’s approach includes coupling small-scale liquefied natural gaz (LNG) or compressed gaz (CNG) to wind energy or other renewable sources such as solar or geothermal, or even hydrogen as energy currency for longer-term higher-scale storage of excess renewable energy produced.

For voltage and frequency regulation of island grids, TUGLIQ solutions also integrate an optimized mix of leading-edge flywheels and conventional batteries.

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Our clients

TUGLIQ’s solutions are of special interest to:

  • Mining operations
  • Remote industrial processes
  • Maritime transport
  • Land transport
  • Utilities serving remote communities
Our services
  • Customized energy supply chain

    Aggregation of world-class partners, delivering turnkey solutions in energy diversification, at lesser life-cycle costs.

  • Small-Scale Liquefied Natural Gas

    Adaptation of proven international models, delivering cost-effective liquefied natural gas at appropriate scale

  • Consultancy

    Advisory on state-of-the-art energy diversification away from diesel, leveraging high-penetration renewables and low-carbon intensity technologies.

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